Right now I am at the biggest I have ever been.  I want to get fit so I will be posting often hopefully everyday.  While I struggle with trying to change my life for the better.

Dad Time

Tonight was a good night.  My wife had to go get her class ready for the impending school year so after dinner at my grandma’s house the boys and I went home for some manly bonding time.  My oldest son wanted me to draw transformers for him on one of his drawing pad toys, while his little brother was just content to sit in my lap.  After big brother got his time little brother was being chased by daddy through the house.

I feel like these are moments that they won’t remember but I will always have them in my mind for when they get older and don’t want to spend as much time with dad. I remember the times my father and I used to play together.  I used to have walkie-talkie headsets and we would play pilot and bombardier or when he used to pick me up and hold me when I was scared.    He also had a place in his workshop where I could work too.

I also remember how hard my dad worked so that I could have things better than what he did.   he spent many hours turning wrenches to pay the bills.   As I got older we drifted and then have come closer again.

I hope that when my children are older they can remember  playing with daddy while mommy was away.

I feel that we often miss out a lot on our children’s lives while we are at work and they are at school, with a sitter, or in daycare.   I cherish the times we have together, especially now while they still think I am cool.

Family Fun Time

As I am typing this my wife has finally gotten our smallest child to sleep.  Since last summer when my appendix exploded he has not been sleep trained again.  My darling decided that she would get him back on his schedule tonight.  He cried while I was moonlighting working on her blog.  I modified an existing WordPress theme for her. She is amazing.  We are now sitting watching  Falling Skies, enjoying some grown-up time.

It is hard to get back to a schedule when life is going so fast.  He got used to having one of us rock him or pat him to bed.  Our oldest son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and he basically sleep trained himself.  One of his ticks was rocking and we would have him rock himself to sleep when he was a toddler.  Son number two is very different and very stubborn.  He is hilarious and rambunctious, but a handful at the same time.