Family Fun Time

As I am typing this my wife has finally gotten our smallest child to sleep.  Since last summer when my appendix exploded he has not been sleep trained again.  My darling decided that she would get him back on his schedule tonight.  He cried while I was moonlighting working on her blog.  I modified an existing WordPress theme for her. She is amazing.  We are now sitting watching  Falling Skies, enjoying some grown-up time.

It is hard to get back to a schedule when life is going so fast.  He got used to having one of us rock him or pat him to bed.  Our oldest son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and he basically sleep trained himself.  One of his ticks was rocking and we would have him rock himself to sleep when he was a toddler.  Son number two is very different and very stubborn.  He is hilarious and rambunctious, but a handful at the same time.

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